World Map Tapestries Help Bring The World Home

There is something truly splendid about looking at the world as seen in these world maps. Not only do they provide a unique artwork, but they also bring a bit of the entire world home to enjoy every single day.  It’s a great big world out there – explore it, every day, even if you do so from the comfort of your own living room.

That’s why we hope you will enjoy the splendor of this grand world that we live in through these stunning World Map Tapestries available from our online store.

Perfect for the World traveler, or the want-to-be-a-World traveler.

Here’s a quick peak at these wonderful World Map pieces:

World Map Tapestry

World Map | 53″ x 44″ | Tapestry

This World Map contemporary fine art tapestry can be hung on its own, or combined with other tapestries to make a stunning display.


Old World Map Tapestry

Old World Map | Tapestry Blanket | 70″ x 54″

Old World Map Tapestry re-creates a double hemisphere map by Frederik de Wit, premier map maker of the 17th century. Polar maps, constellations, and depictions of Aristotle’s four elements fill background.


Olde World Map Tapestry

Olde World Map | 53″ x 38″ | Tapestry Wall Decor

100% cotton woven wall tapestry. Olde World Map measures 53″ x 38″. This tapestry wall hanging will add a touch of textured color to your wall decor. Inspired art, this richly woven tapestry wall hanging brings together texture and design.


Souvenirs des Voyage World Map Tapestry

Souvenirs des Voyage (World Map) | 53 x 40 | Tapestry Wall Decor

This Souvenirs des Voyage (World Map Fine Art Tapestry) tapestry, a finely crafted fine art tapestry wall hanging, has texture not found in any other art form. Set yourself apart and experience the fine art of a tapestry wall hanging in your world.


Map of the World Tapestry

Map Of The World Large | 53 x 76 | Woven Tapestry Decor

This exquisite world map is intricately woven into a stunning tapestry wall hanging.A Tapestry Wall Hanging can bring the stunning beauty of a fine art tapestry to your home, for less than you’d expect.


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