Tangier Mosaic Rustic Reclaimed Wood 4 Drawer Accent Sideboard Cabinet

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Impress your guests!! Featuring a gorgeous mosaic effect, this stunning Tangier Mosaic Rustic Reclaimed Wood 4 Drawer Sideboard Cabinet will easily become the center of attention in any dining room setting. Crafted from reclaimed Mango wood, this entire extraordinary piece echoes a global spirit and world-traveled gusto.

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A dazzling mosaic is created with the tactful use of different colors in varying degrees of distress to create a tiled look that will capture the eye and the imagination of anyone in the room.

Displaying tones of mustard, white, turquoise, and sea green, the balance of color in this piece is truly remarkable.

Each of the four utensil drawers features this mosaic effect and is finished with single twisted circular bail pull handle.

In the center of the lower section, two open storage compartments provide space to store one’s more prized and show-worthy pieces. On either side, two cabinet doors, again featuring the mosaic pattern, open with a spade tip bar handle. Opening the doors reveals two additional storage compartments for your table linens, additional place settings, and larger serving dishes.

Bringing the piece together, a rustic medium-wood tone finishes dresses the framework and tabletop accentuating the time-tested and weathered presence and appeal.

Reclaimed Wood Sideboard Cabinet Features

  • Size:60″ L X 16″ D X 36″ H
  • Handcrafted, Rustic Solid Wood Furniture
  • Reclaimed Wood