Adorable Culinary Creature Kitchen Wall Clocks

Culinary Creature Kitchen Wall Clocks

I simply adore these wall clocks.  These Culinary Creature kitchen wall clocks are masterfully handcrafted using an eclectic blend of reclaimed forks, knives, jar lids, spatulas and many other wonderful culinary objects. The designs are simply wonderful and you can’t deny how extraordinarily cute they are! These delightful wall clocks would make an exceptional & unique addition …

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Get Ready to Entertain with these Gorgeous Recipes

Chef Mike Ward Recipes

Normally, Art & Home focuses on the accouterments of entertaining, setting the scene through unique decorative accents. But having beautifully appointed dining room furniture is all for nothing if the food isn’t as uniquely amazing. Recently, we stumbled across a unique chef, whose approach to simple, beautiful recipes is so refreshing that we decided to share …

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Personalized Crocks Make a Unique Decor Accent With Loads of Country Charm

Personalized Ceramic Crocks

Add a distinctive country touch to any home with these personalized ceramic crocks. These 2 Gallon handcrafted ceramic crocks come in several different designs to suit your personal style and decor needs. Country Crocks have a long and varied history.  From Colonial times until the mid 1900′s American potters produced these crocks primarily for utilitarian purposes, to store …

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